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Painting With Nature

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


Have you ever found yourself at a loss when it comes to picking out a paint color for an interior space? One method we love to use is looking outside in the nature around us. The world is full of amazing colors and bringing these tones indoors can add a much needed warmth and comfort to any room. Whether you live in the wooded mountains, rolling grasslands, or the vast desert, natural inspiration can be found in any setting. Here are a few examples of how we take our local landscapes and turn them into amazing color palates that we can use as a guideline when picking out paint colors and furnishings in the spaces we design. We've included the color swatches with the color codes for easy reference!

This beautiful explosion of colors was discovered while spending some time in the Ouachita National Forest in Western Arkansas. The intriguing contrast of the bright oranges, natural greens, and solid grays of the stone create an interesting color palate that could be used to inspire an awesome scheme for any space!

While strolling the beaches along Santa Rosa island on the gulf coast of Florida, inspiration struck from this perfectly placed seashell along the water's edge. Interestingly, this macro shot brought along with it some very compelling contrasts of sea blues, sandy grays, and rusty reds. This color scheme is perfect for any waterside home, bringing the calming nature of the water into a space.

Having kayaked on the Trinity River in Eastern Texas for years, this simple shot revealed some excellent natural tones that could be the perfect way to bring elements of the natural environment into any home!

Finally, along a hiking trail through the upland prairies of Northwestern Texas, this photo of a dried grass field just before sunset revealed an excellent mix of comfortable sky blues and natural tan tones.

These are just a few of our favorite shots we have captured during our travels and turned them into some amazing pieces of inspiration for design. We hope that these pictures and stories can provide you with your own inspiration on how to experience nature in a different way and hopefully excite you to bring the natural environment into your living spaces!

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