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Small Bedroom Tricks


Whether you're moving into a new house or trying to revamp the space you currently have, small bedrooms can be a hassle when it comes to interior design. Many times, we end up decorating these rooms just like any other, but then we run into the issue of excessive clutter, bumping into furniture when walking around, and feeling like we're trapped in a cave with no way out. Well, now it's time to retire the spelunking equipment and take a look at some of the helpful tips we have encountered when decorating spaces like this!

In this example, we put together a livable bedroom with all the normal elements in a 10 ft. x 10 ft. space! Here's some things to do to add that much-needed area without knocking out any walls:

  1. Keep it simple. When it comes to decorating in a smaller space, the more extra, unnecessary pieces you add usually end up just being in the way. Keep the design simple with your colors and eye-catching elements on the wall and off the floor. Use things like painted wall patterns and hanging art to catch attention and express your creativity rather than opting for standing elements.

  2. Let there be light! Perhaps the most important element in a small room, light is definitely your best friend when it comes to designing a space like this. Utilize all the natural light available to the room by avoiding large, dark curtains over windows and be sure that your electric lighting provides a large amount of light, even when it's dark outside with lamps and other lighting fixtures.

  3. Plan like a pro. Layout can be extremely important in a smaller bedroom and making use of the space in the best way possible is key! Before moving anything into the room, take a look at where the windows, doors, openings, etc. are and be sure to not block any of these elements when planning out your furniture placement. Try to anchor your larger elements like beds, dressers, and desks in the corners of the room to retain as much open floor space as possible.

  4. Not everything has to be white! A common misconception is that small rooms need to be painted in light colors in order to make the room seem larger, however this is not always the case. In this room with a dark base paint color, we needed to figure out a way to stretch out the space we had without physically changing the placement of anything. To achieve this, we used long linear stripes on two of the four walls in order to elongate the space to the eye, making the room feel bigger. Another trick if you want a dark wall color is to paint three of the four walls in your color of choice and use a corresponding lighter color on the last wall. This accent wall will have the same effect as the other visual trick to make the space seem larger.

For some specifics on this project, we included the paint colors and some information on some of the other elements to help inspire you to recreate your small space. Check it out!

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