Salvaged Wood Slice Accent Piece

This discarded American Elm piece was discovered by our team during a weekend salvaging trip. After heaving it into the bed of the truck we arrived back at the shop and were surprised by the beautiful pinkish red hue of the heartwood in the timber. Our designer was ecstatic with possibilities for this beautiful log, and with plenty of options from a bookshelf accent piece to rustic clock, this gorgeous American Elm is a great decor piece for any office or home.


    This piece is crafted using a slice of American Elm, pallet board base, and copper tubing. The product can also come as a clock for a stylish natural timekeeping element.


    Returns are only accepted based on production error. Not responsible for damages during shipping. Please send an email to for any questions about returns.


    Please note that all of our products are built from reused resources and all have the potential for imperfections that add to their charm. 


    Shipping is based on product weight and destination. Please select the shipping option that works best for you!


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